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Workplace Wellbeing

Is employee wellbeing high on your agenda? Are you looking to create a work environment where your employees are motivated and in good health? I can help.
If you are committed to creating a healthy and happy workforce, get in touch, and we can discuss your businesses needs and get started on improving your workplace wellbeing.

What previous clients say...

Sarah is very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about what she does. She talked about why we need to eat certain foods throughout the day and the pit falls of eating the wrong lunch. She was happy to answer peoples questions which she did freely and clearly. Thank you Sarah.


I thought this was a really excellent session – she was very personable and non-judgmental, and gave some great, practical advice, grounded in a deep understanding of her topic (and no pseudo-science!) I really enjoyed it, thank you


Our staff really enjoyed the recent nutrition workshop given by Sarah Gale. The talk was fun and interactive, including practical food-making demonstrations and the opportunity to taste the delicious creations. Sarah is a confident and knowledgeable speaker, passionate about her subject.


The Problem

There is no doubt that employee health and wellbeing has an impact on your business.  Sick days and prolonged illness impacts your business financially, but it also has a wide reaching effect on staff performance, turnover and the workplace atmosphere.

When an employee is off ill their workload needs to be reallocated which can cause increased stress, reduced productivity and lower morale.  Low morale and negativity can easily become contagious spreading though the team and creating an unhappy workforce.  

Stress, colds/flu and digestive problems were among the most prevalent reasons for employee absence in Guernsey last year.  Nutrition and lifestyle changes can help make a positive difference by reducing the frequency and severity.

80% of Guernsey’s population are not reaching the recommended ‘5 a day’.  This is significant as employees with an unhealthy diet are 66% more likely to experience a drop in productivity.

A workplace wellbeing strategy can help improve your staff’s overall health, helping them deal with chronic illness, stress and other niggling health issues. The right workplace wellbeing strategy helps make staff feel valued boosting morale and lowering stress. 


It’s not just your staff that will benefit, the business benefits too from increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, greater staff retention and increased performance.

So the solution is to create a healthy and happy workforce!

But how?  The most important question I ask is ‘what does your business need’ to achieve this.

Through my different workplace wellbeing services, I am committed to providing simple, effective and practical strategies that cut out the jargon, allowing both your business and your staff to gain the maximum benefit.  I provide evidenced-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that engage and motivate.  My services are designed to help create a positive environment and provide your staff with the information they need to be happy and healthy.

The Solution

  • 1-2-1 staff consultations or drop in clinic

  • Educational talks on specific topics e.g. smart snacking, stress 101, boosting immunity or brain food

  • Interactive group workshops e.g. dealing with stress, how to build a healthy meal, gut health, weight loss

  • Interactive group challenges e.g. eat your ‘5-a-day’, food diversity, going sugar free

Are you committed to creating a healthy and happy workforce?

Here are some examples of my services:
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