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I really appreciated Sarah’s attitude and manner. She was not judgemental in any way, and always found a positive in any situation which I found so supportive and motivating. She was willing and able to tweak the health plan to suit my needs and fit in with likes, dislikes and lifestyle. She really managed to provide a boost to help motivate, and never made me feel I had failed in any way. She was incredibly flexible and willing to change things that I found difficult to cope with.


Sarah was friendly and asked detailed questions which enabled her to pinpoint the things that were causing me difficulties. The consultations were excellent, about the right time between each visit which gave me plenty of time to implement and develop new habits. Excellent overall experience and outcome. I’m feeling so much better than I did since working with Sarah. I still have occasional days where I’m not quite there, but on the whole, I feel as if I’ve definitely got my mojo back! Thank you.


I found flexibility to answer all sorts of difficult questions with clear advice and support really useful.  No silly suggestions and all very quick and easy answers to understand and follow.  It felt like there was no pre-arranged game plan or pre-arranged nutrition plan to follow which could be easily downloaded with a simple google search. It all feels completely tailored to my individual needs.  The meetings were easy to organise or manage around a busy schedule and I think the length of time was perfect. Just a big thank you for listening and providing expert guidance over the last few months.  I can feel the benefits (they are so obvious now) with the nutrition, supplements and mental wellbeing. The guidance you perfectly orchestrated to check my low energy dips, blood glucose issues and adrenal tests was far better than any Doctor has offered me in the past.  You gave a very personal service, it never felt rushed and was always carefully worked out and with great efficiency. I have no idea how you managed to appear so responsive and without making me feel rushed. Thank you.


I can’t thank you enough, I feel like a whole new person


Many thanks for seeing me last week. I’m not quite a week in and I’m already feeling the benefits! Feel so much brighter and I’m even going to the loo every day now! It’s mad as it just shows that my diet was all wrong.


Since working with Sarah I have found out what is happening with my body and it feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I finally feel heard! And I have finally lost some weight too. I can’t recommend Sarah enough. Thank you thank you thank you.


I would like to say a huge thank you to Sarah for all her advice and support. Not only is she passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, she is friendly and approachable and really took the time to tailor an achievable plan best suited to me.


Sarah is my secret weapon that I tell all my friends about. She completely tailored the advice to me, always listened and supported me through the process. Her package was completely worth the investment and I feel better than I have done in years.


I don’t even know where to begin. I couldn’t have dreamt of the improvements Sarah has helped me make!


I feel AMAZING again! Something I never thought possible. I had no energy, really bad PMS and was almost bald with the amount of hair I was losing. I was pretty demoralised as I thought I was doing everything right. Thank you Sarah for listening to me, helping me understand why I felt so awful and mostly thank you for all this energy I now have.


I decided to try Sarah’s programme after many failed diets as I figured I didn’t have much to lose. After the first week I was sleeping better, had more energy and was never hungry in between meals. By the end, my bloating had gone, lost half a stone and just felt so much better in myself. The recipes were delicious and I’m absolutely going to keep continue!


I went to see Sarah after turning 40 as for the past five or so years I had no energy, difficulty sleeping, bloating (sometimes even after just drinking water) and had more belly fat than before. I hadn’t really changed anything in my diet and thought it was just down to aging! I also had started getting spots on my face and back after pretty clear skin, I felt like a teenager. We ran some tests and found that my thyroid levels weren’t optimal… and had other hormone imbalances. After following Sarah’s advice I am pleased to say that my energy is back, no more spots and I am sleeping mostly through the night. The bloating went within the first couple of weeks amazingly and I’m getting my waist back


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 11 years ago and have been on various levels of thyroxine over the years. I went through better and worse periods but I never felt completely back to my old self since being diagnosed. I felt hungover all the time, very tired, and had big dark circles from not sleeping. I was also taking antidepressants as I struggled with my mood. I could always tell when I was going through one of my down periods as I would switch from being freezing to boiling really quickly and my hair would come out in clumps in the shower. 11 years and no one ever checked my thyroid antibody levels until Sarah. That was the biggest revelation to me as I had elevated antibody levels. I now understand why I would had up and down periods, my fluctuating symptoms and continual change in medication dose. After working with Sarah over 6 months where we mainly focused on an autoimmune protocol my antibodies have come down significantly and I feel the best I have done in years!


I was referred to Sarah by a friend and really wanted some help with my energy, weight, sleep and my gurgling, very embarrassing stomach. I had a short session with Sarah whilst we waited for the test results to come back and after making just a few changes my energy improved and even dropped a few pounds. Sarah then explained my test results to me very clearly and explained why I was experiencing these symptoms. I was in a very busy job and was very stressed so we built up my programme slowly which worked perfectly for me. I was really impressed at the level of support Sarah gives you and always works to tweak her recommendations to work for you. After 3-months I lost just over a stone, have buckets full of energy and no weird gurgling noises! Unlike other diets I had tried before there was no cutting out loads of foods, or feeling deprived. I have actually found a new love for food and really enjoy cooking again. My sleep is better, however this is still something I need to work on but with Sarah’s help I have now identified how much my stress impacts this. I feel like I know what I need to do to continue improving my sleep. Thank you Sarah for your support


I chose to seek alternative ways of finding out what’s going on with my body, as I had struggled for the past 4 years to even maintain my weight, never mind even losing it. I had tried numerous personal training sessions, spent money on all sorts of diets and quick fix things, detoxes, and nothing worked, even if I managed to lose weight for a little while it would all bounce right back on. It was certainly the lowest point of my life when I just had to try something else. I went to see a specialist in Latvia last summer that found out after extensive blood tests, that I had insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and autoimmune thyroiditis, which was then forwarded to a GP over here who decided to run her own blood tests and was brushed off and told everything was fine.

I carried on exercising and trying to eat well but still no results which is when I decided to see Sarah.  So meeting Sarah you straight away feel at ease and like you are just meeting up with a life long friend, she is super smiley and friendly. She doesn’t judge, but encourages and makes you feel like you are not alone at this. She listens so well and takes notes of everything so nothing, even the smallest things aren't missed off because all the things that you put up with daily are possible symptoms of a bigger picture. She was great at highlighting these even when I speak 100 miles per hour! Since seeing Sarah I understand exactly what was going wrong, my bloating has completely gone (I used to blow up like a balloon!), energy is a lot better and I have lost the weight I wanted to lose and kept it off now 3 months later. We also re-ran blood tests and my thyroid markers are back within the normal range and insulin resistance is getting better. I cannot recommend Sarah enough!


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