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Change your life bite by bite
The best way for me to help you reach your health goals is by working with you for a period of time. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.

Successful long term weight loss takes time and it is estimated that you need a month to recover for each year you have been unwell, so if you have been suffering for a while, one or two sessions is unlikely to be enough. It can also take a little time to create healthy life-long habits and a new mindset around food, which is made easier by working together and having someone in your corner cheering you along.


My Transformation Packages are completely personalised to you and your needs. We work together focusing on your specific health concerns and empower you to move closer to achieving your health goals. The package structure is formulated based on my clinical experience and how to achieve the very best results as quickly as possible.

  • 100% completely personalised advice. You are unique and so your health plan should be too

  • Using state of the art testing to get exactly to the root cause of what is happening so you can get quicker and faster results

  • Continued support throughout the package. Whether it is a quick question in between sessions, moral support or someone to be accountable to, I am there to support you every step of the way

  • Recipe ideas, shopping advice and resource recommendations to make the process as easy as possible

My method includes:

Packages start from £595

It eliminates the guesswork

Whilst it is possible to suss out the potential causes of certain symptoms, hormones can be masters of disguise with many hormone imbalances causing similar symptoms and weight loss resistance. That is where testing comes in, it shows us exactly what is happening for you so I can provide the absolute best and accurate advice to put it right.


It makes it personalised

What is more personal than understanding exactly what imbalances are happening in your body?

It can be validating and motivating

Seeing your results in black and white can really help you to feel heard and validated - those symptoms weren’t all in your head! It can also be incredibly motivating to help you continue with the programme.


It provides a baseline to measure progress

It provides us with a starting point and can be great to track progress. Whilst symptom relief is always the goal and can be a great measurement tool, it can be incredibly empowering to watch test results change for the better.

Learn more about the testing I offer

What are the benefits of testing?

If you are ready to get started then book in for your free call to discuss how we can get you feeling happy, healthy and confident again

Still not convinced?

I decided to try Sarah’s programme after many failed diets as I figured I didn’t have much to lose. After the first week I was sleeping better, had more energy and was never hungry in between meals. By the end, my bloating had gone, lost half a stone and just felt so much better in myself. The recipes were delicious and I’m absolutely going to keep continue!


I feel AMAZING again! Something I never thought possible. I had no energy, really bad PMS and was almost bald with the amount of hair I was losing. I was pretty demoralised as I thought I was doing everything right. Thank you Sarah for listening to me, helping me understand why I felt so awful and mostly thank you for all this energy I now have.


Sarah was friendly and asked detailed questions which enabled her to pinpoint the things that were causing me difficulties. The consultations were excellent, about the right time between each visit which gave me plenty of time to implement and develop new habits. Excellent overall experience and outcome. Thank you.


If you are still not sure, check out our FAQ or contact me with any questions
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