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Change your life bite by bite
Have you ever wondered why, despite your best efforts, your weight loss journey feels more like an uphill battle? You're not alone.

The harsh reality is that traditional diets often set us up for failure rather than success. 




Because they focus solely on the outdated concept of "calories in, calories out", completely ignoring the complexity of our bodies.


They disregard crucial elements like hormonal imbalances, metabolic rates, and our unique genetic makeup. These diets often involve strict rules and extreme restrictions, which can lead to a cycle of yo-yo dieting, making sustainable weight loss almost impossible. Not to mention, these quick fixes don't consider our relationship with food and how emotional factors can impact our eating habits.


The key to successful, long-lasting weight loss is not a short-term restrictive diet, but a comprehensive lifestyle change that addresses the root causes of weight gain. 


And that is exactly what I can help you do. 

I decided to try Sarah’s programme after many failed diets as I figured I didn’t have much to lose. After the first week I was sleeping better, had more energy and was never hungry in between meals. By the end, my bloating had gone, lost half a stone and just felt so much better in myself. The recipes were delicious and I’m absolutely going to keep continue!


Sarah's approach has been a game-changer for me. For the first time, I feel in control of my health and body. Her personalised guidance helped me to lose weight sustainably without any crazy diets. It's not just the weight loss, but the newfound energy and vitality that has me feeling on top of the world!


My battle with PCOS and weight loss felt never-ending until I started working with Sarah. I didn’t really understand what blood sugar was let alone how important it is to managing PCOS symptoms. But with Sarah’s guidance, for the first time I saw my body responding positively. The weight started to come off, and my energy levels went through the roof. I'm feeling like my best self!


Interested in private coaching sessions or functional testing?

My private client roster is full right now, however I invite you to join my waitlist.

Simply click the button and fill in your details to be first in line when new slots become available.

Hormone Balance Blueprint

Ready to never diet again? The Hormone Balance Blueprint is your all-in-one comprehensive plan to de-programme from diet culture, balance your hormones and achieve weight loss that lasts. Over 12 weeks, you’ll build sustainable healthy habits, eliminate the ‘all or nothing’ mindset and gain the freedom to enjoy your favourite foods (whilst still getting fantastic results). This programme is for you if you've been grappling with weight loss despite giving it your all, and you want a tried-and-tested plan that will help you to lose weight (and maintain it) without dieting.

PCOS Insulin Reset Method

Take out the guesswork and cut through the overwhelm with my tailor-made programme, set to jumpstart your PCOS weight loss without rigid rules or restriction. You’ll master the art of effectively managing your blood sugar (yes, carbs are allowed!) and how to include all foods into your diet while still losing weight, enhancing your energy, and kicking intense cravings to the curb. This programme is crafted for those with PCOS ready to accelerate their journey to relief from insulin resistance and weight that feels stuck.

How we can work together

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