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The 5 real reasons why you are still not losing weight

Are you thriving or merely surviving?

I’m Sarah, I’m a nutritionist and hormone expert. I help women lose weight, reclaim their confidence and reignite their spark when their hormones are fighting against them.
Lose weight with expert nutrition and hormone advice

If you’ve been struggling with your weight, your hormones are a hot mess and wondering what has happened to your metabolism then you are in the right place.

If you are fed up with feeling flabby, frustrated, and fatigued, and want your confidence, sparkle and vitality back, then here is where to start...

Book in for a free 30-minute call to discover how I can help you or download my free guide to discover the 5 pillars for successful weight loss

What other people say...

I would like to say a huge thank you to Sarah for all her advice and support. Not only is she passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, she is friendly and approachable and really took the time to tailor an achievable plan best suited to me


Since working with Sarah I have found out what is happening with my body and it feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I finally feel heard! And I have finally lost some weight too. I can’t recommend Sarah enough.


Sarah is my secret weapon that I tell all my friends about. She completely tailored the advice to me, always listened and supported me through the process. Her package was completely worth the investment and I feel better than I have done in years.


  • You are fed up of feeling like a failure that another diet failed or you couldn’t stick to it for longer than a week

  • You are exhausted. You struggle to get out of bed in the morning before collapsing on the sofa at the end of the day

  • You are frustrated, demoralised and feeling down right lost with what to do and what to eat

  • You feel like you have a live in monster and are so snappy all the time, which just isn't you

  • Your confidence has taken a nosedive and find yourself saying no to anything and everyone

  • You have brain fog so bad you can never remember what’s on your to-do list, let alone where you left your keys

  • You are embarrassed and hide your binge eating after a bad day or just because boredom hit

  • You are sick and tired of feeling this way and scared to admit how much your weight and health holds you back from living a life you love

Battling with your weight and hormones can be rough. I’ve been there.

If you are there too I am going to make an educated guess that…
But it doesn’t have to be this way, you can…

Lose weight for good without going on another ‘diet’. Have infinite energy to do all the things you love in life. Achieve hormonal bliss. And above all, gain your confidence back and feel incredible in your own skin again.

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