Sarah Gale Nutrition
09 Jul 2020
Gluten free, low carb & vegan bread

The most delicious gluten free, low carbohydrate and vegan suitable bread...that tastes AMAZING and has a soft texture which is hard to find with gluten free breads!

18 Jan 2019
Celery Juice Elixir

Drink a glass of celery juice every morning and reap the health benefits. Sounds simple enough. But is this something we should all be doing?

24 Dec 2018
Is eating dairy unhealthy?

Whether or not you should eat dairy products is one of the things that people most ask me about as a nutrition professional. Here are all the details on what's good and not so good about dairy, and the positive benefits of giving up milk-based products.

11 Dec 2018
Vitamin D

Catching a cold and feeling a bit blue come January just seem to happen in the winter. I’m going to explain why so much of that is down to your levels of vitamin D, which is sometimes called the ‘sunshine vitamin’ (and hence a lack of it in winter).

09 Dec 2018
Beat the Bloat at Christmas

We’re all prone to a little indulgence at Christmas, but rich food and overeating can play havoc with your digestion, leaving you bloated and uncomfortable. Follow my expert tips to trouble-proof your tummy this Christmas

01 Dec 2018
Migraine: It's not all in your head

“Intense throbbing pain, with a vice-like grip, and every bright spot of light, or minor sound becoming a searing aggravation”, are the words used to describe a migraine attack from a frequent sufferer. Here's more on the proposed mechanisms behind migraines, why some are the unlucky ones and what can be done

08 Nov 2018
World Diabetes Day

Diabetes – it is unfortunately a disease we have come to know well and I’m sure we all know a friend or family member who suffers from it if not suffering ourselves. Today is World Diabetes Day, so I thought I would talk a little bit about what causes type 2 diabetes and what can be done to help prevent it.

31 Oct 2018
Cholesterol - It's not the enemy!

Cholesterol...we've all heard of it, most of us had ours tested but what if I was to say cholesterol isn't necessarily the enemy?

29 Oct 2018
Could you go vegan?

Could you go vegan? What does it mean to be vegan? What is good about it? What's not so good? And where might you struggle in changing your diet?

22 Oct 2018
Apple Pie

Apple Crumble - the smell of it cooking - is one of the most wonderful things about October. This healthy version uses dessert apples rather than tart cooking apples, meaning no sugar is needed for the filling to taste sweet.