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Do you find yourself starting something new in December?

Last weekend I found myself subconsciously planning how to get more movement into my daily life and packing in more nutrients into my meals. This wasn’t a new fitness plan or diet, it was just a subconscious whispering that I felt a want to do.

If I look back at the last few years, I have set myself more fitness goals or tidied up my diet. One year I committed to yoga everyday, the next I did a 12 days of Christmas fitness challenge and the next aimed to walk for at least 1 hour a day. One year I gave up alcohol and the next focused on getting in the rainbow every day.

These weren’t from a place of pushing to fit into a dress, or pre-punishing myself for what I would consume during the fitness period. These came from a place of wanting to feel as fit and well as possible. And to start the New Year feeling that way. To start feeling fresh. Ready for what the year will bring.

This has also been echoed over the past fews years of a higher number that expected of you getting in touch wanting to start working together now. In December.

At first I was surprised. Because for so long in my life I was programmed that December was a month for indulgence and January was a month for restriction.

But on reflection, I really do think December is a great month to start making changes.

I personally really love refocusing on my health in December. This doesn’t mean that I will be saying no to a morning cocktail on Christmas Day or passing on the pudding. But I very much used to use December as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. But often not because I wanted to. It was often because I feared the restriction that was to come so I wanted to get as much of it now. Almost like I could get it out of my system by devouring 3 tins of Quality Street in December.

Of course this never happened. January rolled around and I still had the sugar cravings. On top of feeling worse about myself and all the food I had eaten. But also my energy was so low, motivation next to nothing yet the pressure to lose weight and improve myself in January beckoned.

Focusing on your health in December means you can start the New Year feeling fresh. Without the pressure to find the motivation to start then. Because you have already been doing it. It is a completely different mental game. It doesn’t become a black and white situation like it was for me. It just becomes a continuation. January the 1st become just another day…not the day where you start another diet.

That doesn’t mean you have to say no to everything in December. Because sharing a tin Quality Street with your family (and seeing who could throw the wrappers into the fire) is a big part of Christmas, or it was in mine at least. But you can instead choose to enjoy what you want to eat. Because you want to eat it. Not because you are fearing the January restriction. It is a completely different mindset.

So do you find yourself starting something new in December? And if you don’t, that is ok too! Just be kind to yourself come January.


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