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Nourished Club Gold

Nourish your body, mind and self using tools not rules
  • You want to make health a consistent part of your life but you are overwhelmed by all the information out there

  • You want to get your food freedom back and stop restricting your diet but you don’t know where to start

  • You berate yourself for not having more willpower and feeling like a failure that yet another diet failed

  • You feel like you are losing control of your body with new symptoms popping up and you can’t figure out the cause

  • You want to focus on nourishing your body inside and out but are confused about what even is healthy anymore

  • You are ready to make some changes to work with your body but need a little push to keep motivated, inspired and disciplined

Does this sound like you?

Join today for £19 a month or £95 for 6 months
Nourished Club Gold is not another diet. Let me repeat that. It is not another diet. There will be no calorie counting, daily weigh-ins and strict rules to follow here.

Instead, it is a place to learn and understand how your body works and how to nourish it best.

It is a place to get nutrition and health advice you can trust, and to learn tools (not rules) to use in your daily life to support your health and happiness.

If it is time to ditch the fad diets for good and instead learn how to work with your body (not against it) - you are in the right place.
  • To have a toolkit that nourishes (not restricts) you, inside and out

  • To stop stressing about your symptoms and instead feel in control of your health

  • To wake up on Monday and NOT be on a new diet

  • To have the energy to do all the things you love in life

  • To enjoy food without all the stress, guilt and angst that goes with it

  • To gain your confidence back and feel like you again

Imagine how good it would feel ...

What's Included


Every month we will cover a new topic based around one of the three NOURISHED CLUB GOLD pillars - Nourish, Reset & Restore. You are a ‘whole’ person so we take a ‘wholistic’ approach to nourishment - nourishing you, your mind and your body.


Meal Plans & Recipies

Each month we release a brand new 7-day meal plan complete with a shopping list and preparation guide so you can remove the confusion and overwhelm that comes with knowing what to eat. You will also get access to an ever growing bank of recipes so you will never run out of inspiration in the kitchen.


Mini Guide

This guide will break down the monthly topic detailing exactly what you need to know and give you all the tools (not rules) to start integrating healthy habits into your daily life.



Every month we will bring you a brand new workshop or masterclass based on the topic of the month. It will be delivered by Sarah or a guest expert who will be on hand to answer any questions and coach you through the process.


3-Day Reset

Each month we will go through a 3-day reset, not because we are starting again, but to rebalance and refocus. Think of it like a mini 3-day challenge every month which is your time to prioritise you, your health and your wellbeing.


Private Community

You will have access to a private community full of like minded women supporting you through the process. Sarah will also be on hand to answer any questions and give you ‘behind the scenes’ access sharing her favourite tools and tips to help keep you nourished.



Alongside the private community, you will have access to the NOURISHED CLUB GOLD hub where all the meal plans, recipes, mini guides, workshop recordings and 3-day resets will be found. This will become your very own library for all things nourished.


“I’ve created NCG for women just like you who want to make health and nourishment a consistent part of their life but don’t know where to start”
- Sarah

In Nourished Club Gold, everything is centered around 3 pillars

Nourish your body

Learn how to fuel your body with nutritious and nourishing foods that help you feel your very best each and every day. This pillar is designed to help boost your energy, balance your hormones and fire up your metabolism so you can feel incredible in your own skin.

Pillar One

Reset your mindset

Develop a healthier mindset around food to help build consistent healthy habits that stop the on/off dieting approach for good. This pillar is designed to give your mindset a reset, to build your confidence and to get more positivity and joy back into your life.

Pillar Two

Restore you back to you

Rest, sleep, movement and FUN are all vital to living a happy and healthy life. This pillar helps you reconnect back in with yourself and develop tools to help treat you and your body with the kindness it deserves.

Pillar Three

This is absolutely NOT A DIET

This is not another restrictive diet, weight loss plan or one size fits all approach. This is about nourishing yourself using realistic and simple tools

We focus on nourishment

Nourishment is at the core of everything we do. No more restriction, self-hatred and self-berating.

We create healthy habits

This is NOT A QUICK FIX. This is a journey where we focus on building in consistent daily actions that start nourishing you, your body and your mind.

You aren’t alone

We are here to support and keep you accountable every step of the way without judgment, shame or comparison.

Get expert guidance

You’ll have access to Sarah, a Registered Nutritionist DipION and NLP Master Practitioner to help you take action every single day.

You get to connect

To us, you aren’t a number, you are a person. We want to connect and support you through and not leave you to fend for yourself.

Why you need to join NCG today

You are the only one that can do it for you.
If it is time to get started join Nourished Club Gold
"What you really need to know is that I have been where you are right now."

But let me tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. You can step into the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, you just need the right tools to get you started and the support to keep you going.

My credentials read Registered Nutritionist DipION, Registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT CNHC and NLP Master Practitioner. But what you really need to know is that I have been where you are right now.

Hi I'm Sarah

I have felt trapped in the toxic cycle of yo-yoing diet, hoping that each new diet will be THE ONE that will fix me and my life. I have felt tired, exhausted and overwhelmed with where to start. I have hated my body, felt ashamed and constantly worried about what to wear or how I looked

"You can step into the healthiest and happiest version of yourself"

What does it Cost?

You can cancel anytime. Click the button to join today.

£95 for 6 months
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